Lesson #1: The First Steps

I’m sorry, this lesson is not going to be about heading to the store just yet! You have to learn the basics of what you are doing before you can start the attack. If you don’t, you will just get overwhelmed and eventually give up. I made this mistake and did not want to jump back in until years later because I was so discouraged.

In this lesson, I am not going into any specific stores. I am going to talk about getting coupons and different tools that are going to help you get started…then we will dive in in the later weeks! Once you do these few things, we can start learning more. We are going to take this nice and slow so you SUCCEED! So there are not any misconceptions, NOT EVERYTHING IS FREE when you coupon. I think getting detergent for $.99 and getting a bag of diapers for $2-$3 is still a great deal! There will be some freebies and even some overages but I wanted to get that out there! Another thing I wanted everyone knowing is that I am not getting paid whatsoever from any place or app that I mention. These are places and things that I personally use and love that have made me a successful couponer!

The first thing I want you to do are download two apps on your phone; Flipp and Favado.
Flipp is an app that shows you all of the store ads. This makes your life so much easier because you do not have to find and pull out the paper ads every single week. I receive ads in the mail but they are always later than when the sale actually starts so then I would only have a couple of days to look at what there is to match up. (Don’t panic, we will get into that later.)
Favado is an app that actually matches up items with coupons for you! It will tell you what coupon to use for which product and how much it will be. It does not show every deal but it is a great starting point!

The next thing I want you to take a look at is the coupon lingo. I have posted a picture at the bottom that I have just taken off of google. There are more if you just google “coupon lingo”. This is important because people will give breakdowns of deals and will use this lingo. I will give an example of something someone might say and a breakdown of what it means:

This cereal is on sale at Kroger b5s5 and I used 2/1 q from rp 2/12
This cereal is on sale at Kroger buy 5 items, save $5 and I used the $2 off of one coupon from Red Plum that came out February 12th.

Again, do not be overwhelmed. This is just day one.

The last thing I want you to do is look up groups on Facebook. If you live in Arizona, for example, search “Arizona couponing” or “Phoenix couponing”. Couponers love sharing deals that they got so you will find deals there. This is where the lingo really comes in handy because it will look like a bunch of gibberish!

The next post is going to be about how to obtain coupons. I want to do a whole separate post on this because there are multiple aspects to it and I do not want anyone getting confused or overwhelmed.


That is all for today! Get those apps, keep looking at the lingo, and add some Facebook groups. If you are not already, add yourself to my group on Facebook. ( )
I am currently doing a giveaway on there for stockpile items if you live in Colorado or a gift card if you live out of state!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions at all, feel free to comment below, e-mail me, Facebook me, or whatever is most convenient for you! Subscribe at the bottom of this page if you would like to receive when I update and share away if you have people in your life that you think would find this beneficial! If you have subscribed, make sure you confirm in your e-mail. I promise not to scam anyone. I hate that just as much as you! 🙂







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