Coupon Lesson #2

So did you download flipp and favado onto your phone? Great! Now on to the next topic….


For lesson number two, we are going to talk about where to get the coupons! There are a few different ways and I think it is important to learn them all just I case there is a specific coupon you really want on an item you really want! First, let me tell you the different types of coupons.
Manufacturer coupons: These are in the newspaper or you can print them online. It will say right on them on top “manufacturer coupon” so there is no mistake. You can use these at any store that allows coupons.
Store coupons: These are coupons that are specific to a store that you can get either from that store or sometimes in the newspaper. Again, it will say store coupon right on there.
Digital coupons: These are coupons that you download on your app for a specific store. (Example: cartwheel for Target)
Most of the time, you can combine store coupon and manufacturer coupon if you see something for the same product. We will get into that later, though when we talk about specific stores.

Now, the number one question I get when I am out couponing is “where do you get all of these coupons?” so here are the ways I get them!

The newspaper is where I get 80% of my coupons. I buy things in bulk so buying 50 newspapers at $2 a piece just does not make sense. We are doing this to save money, right? I buy full newspapers from a coupon fairy. Yes, I said a fairy and yes, that is the term that all couponers use when buying inserts. (Inserts are the coupons inside of the newspaper.) It is much cheaper this way. I usually pay $10 for a bundle which comes with 20-40 newspapers depending on the week.

Also something you should keep in mind… buying coupons are actually illegal! To get around this, you are paying for the fairy’s time to get the newspaper and distribute it, not for the actual coupon itself and nothing about that is illegal. Yes, I spoke with law enforcement to make sure that is true! I’m not trying to do anything illegal or, even worse, teach it! Ha!

How do you find a fairy? Easiest way is Facebook. There are hundreds of groups that you can join to get them either locally or from another state. Personally, I recently have stopped buying the whole paper unless there are a lot of good coupons in it that I really want. To avoid doing that, I buy “clipped coupons” in a set. A set of clipped coupons are 10 of the same coupon mailed to you for about $1. Most of the time, that is completely worth it. In my Facebook group, I have a trusted seller that I use and recommend. (

Another easy way to get coupons (and for free) is to ask your neighbors! When I lived in a townhouse, I put up a sign by our mailboxes saying that I would love to take their coupons instead of them throwing them away and posted my address and people were more than happy to give them to me. Depending on where you live, your address will automatically get inserts in the mail so it makes it very convenient. If not, there are some people who still actually read the newspaper believe it or not! Some use the coupons but most do not so it does not hurt to try and ask!

The next way to get coupons is online on places like You are allowed to print up to two of the same coupon per device. What this means is you can print two from each computer/laptop in your house, 2 from each cell phone, etc.. DO NOT PHOTOCOPY ANY IP! (IP= internet printable coupon). That is illegal and you can get in A LOT of trouble for doing that. If you want more of a certain coupon, go to the library and print two from each computer or ask your friends and family if you can use their devices.

Your “homework” for the next couple days is to get on Facebook and find buy/sell/trade groups for coupons either in your area or nationwide or both! Then, I want you to find a fairy. I wouldn’t suggest purchasing any coupons just yet but it is nice to have a trusted fairy in your mind. Like I said, feel free to use my group to help you with that. If you are having issues with finding a good group, I will personally help you out. Just e-mail, leave a comment, post on the Facebook page, or whatever you want to do. I will always respond. I will also answer any other questions you may have!

In a couple days, we will dive into couponing lesson #3! It’s starting to get real! Right now, I am just getting some basics out there and then we will dive into store by store. Comment below which store you would like a breakdown of so I know what places you all shop at!


  • Johnna martin

    I shop at walmart giant eagle and costco i live in ohio so theres not much of a selection of stores. How do i find the best deals on the products i use. Also should i buy products that i dont normally use for any reason. Thank you for taking time out to help me!!!!

    • zerimama

      Hi Johnna! Great questions. I’m not 100% about giant eagle so I will have to look into that. Costco is a great store and I go there frequently!
      I will buy products that I don’t use if it is free because I can sell it. (Check your state laws on that.) I then use that money for the things that do not have coupons.

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