How To Save Money On Healthier Foods

Being a couponer, people are constantly asking me how I coupon for food since I try to eat as healthy as possible but hate paying retail. Right now, everyone is all about organic, non GMO foods, which I totally get and understand (The documentaries and articles have straight scared me into eating better, too), but with that comes a higher price tag. There are a few tips and tricks that I use to make sure I get the best bang for my buck.

Shop around
Every state has different stores with different deals for the most part but who has time to look around? Download the app Flipp. The app will tell you the stores’ ads that you shop at and what deals there are! You have everything right at your fingertips for that. I live in Colorado and I know that at Sprouts there is “double ad Wednesday” so I know I can get organic produce and snacks at a much cheaper price that day of the week. Farmer markets are another great way to get produce for cheap and organic as well!

Download store apps for digital coupons
Fortunately, grocery stores are starting to catch on that people are wanting to pay less for healthy foods, which is fantastic for us! I would say 9/10 times if you scroll through digital coupons on your favorite store app, you will find a plethora of organic food coupons including produce, meats, and snacks. Every penny certainly helps. I do this the day before going to the grocery store whenever I have a quick second to browse and add to my list.

Check your local newspaper and coupon websites
Retailers are also catching up! Every week, there are more and more coupons for organic items in the paper. Take a look and see if there is anything that you need in there as well. You can go online to any coupon database site to see if what you are looking for has a coupon. Technology has come a long way for couponers so it makes it so easy to quickly check! Sometimes you can even combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

Email your favorite companies
Whenever you find a brand that you absolutely love, e-mail the company and tell them how much you enjoy it! They love that and will send you free coupons for letting them know how great of a job they are doing. I have received coupons for meat, baby food, snacks, and produce just for doing that. I have even gotten a Kroger gift card for telling them my experience as well.

Buying meats
There are three different ways I suggest buying meats. The first way is to get it at a wholesale retailer like Costco. This is my “go to” because they have organic, it’s in bulk, and it is way cheaper than buying it at the grocery store. The second thing I suggest doing is looking for coupons on meat packages if you are at the grocery store. Sometimes you want organic chicken and there is a coupon on the same brand organic beef but the coupon says you can use it for any meat product. Keep your eyes peeled for those! Target is a good place to spot those at. The last thing that I see people doing is buying the whole cow or animal, having it cut, and freezing it. From what I hear, it is best to go in with a few friends or neighbors because you can get a lot of meat that will fill up your freezer very fast!

Ultimately, I buy different things every week depending on the sale which makes it fun for my family! Sure, there are some staples that I keep around the house but as far as produce and snacks go, it is a surprise every week and a win/win for me and my kids.

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  • David Elliott

    This is a lot of great information about how to save money when you are going out there shopping. I think that was one of the things my ex did best. She cut coupons and made sure to purchase and save foods when she could for future use.

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