Couponing #5: Target

Ah, Target, a woman’s home away from home and one of my favorite places to coupon! Honestly, I try to find deals here just so that I can go into target, get a Starbucks, and stroll around. The great thing about couponing here is that you can stack offers for great deals! My favorite things to get here with coupons are baby items, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and for some reason I tend to always find some sort of free candy or goodies! No complaining here…

Target Rules
Remember in the last post I wrote about Kroger stores how you are only allowed to use five of the same coupons in a single transaction unless the coupon stated otherwise? Well, with Target, you are only allowed to use four identical coupons in a single transaction unless, like before, the coupon says otherwise. If you wanted to get more than four, then you are welcome. I just gave you an excuse to go back to Target the next day. Don’t even try to cheat the system here…it will beep after the 4th one is used saying you have exceeded the amount allowed.

Store coupons and Cartwheel
In the Sunday paper, Target will sometimes have their own coupons! On the actual coupon it will say “Target Coupon” instead of “manufacturer coupon” to be clear. Target coupons CAN be combined with manufacturer coupons! Cartwheel is on the Target app (which you should get regardless if you just shop here) and on this app you can download coupons/deals just like Kroger. Typically, you will see something like “Tide pods 32 count+ 10% off.” You CAN combine cartwheel with a store coupon AND manufacturer coupon! There are plenty of times where you find deals and can do all three.

Red Card
I am not one to open up a credit card with a store but guess what? You don’t have to here! You can open up a debit card instead! This is completely worth it because you get 5% off every single purchase automatically, even if you are using all of the coupons and offers above. 5% doesn’t seem like much but if you can shop at Target like I can, it all adds up! You can get this right at the register, at customer service, or I am sure you can get it online. (I have not confirmed that you can do it online but with technology, I am almost sure of it.)

Overages & Gift card promotions
Unfortunately, Target does not give overages. This means that if your coupon exceeds the amount of the item, their system will automatically take off only what the item is worth and you receive it for free. Hey, I am still not complaining about free. Instead, the cool thing about Target is they do a lot of gift card promotions. For example, you might see something like “buy 3 bags of tide pods and receive $5 gift card.” You CANNOT use the gift card you received in that transaction though.

Target can be a little tricky but the best case scenario for the best out of pocket would be combining all of these:
-Manufacturer coupon
-Store coupon
-5% off red card
-Receive gift card
You can use all of these together! When the stars align and you see a deal like this, it is the best. I promise, it happens.

Definitely join some larger Target couponing groups on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your favorite social media platform is. Favado will also have it on there so you can browse that.

As always, it does not hurt to have the rules from their site on hand. It is also good just to look over them before doing a haul just so you know!

Any questions, comments, or tips? Feel free to contact me by commenting below or through my Facebook group.


  • Kat

    Wonderful post. I have a redcard and use the new Target app (just replaced Cartwheel, right?) but I hadn’t realized they also had coupons in the paper. Thanks!

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