Couponing #6: Walgreens


I get on these Walgreen kicks where sometimes this is the only place I want to coupon at! Walgreens in a convenience store so everything there is more expensive than somewhere like Walmart because you are paying for the convenience! It is nice to have a place at the corner of happy and healthy, haha! Although it can be expensive if you are looking for a quick place to pick something up, they fortunately take coupons and have some fantastic stock up deals. I will break it down.

The only thing I do NOT like about couponing at Walgreens is that they are very inconsistent. Every store can pretty much make up their own rules and they are allowed to do that because their policy says they can. Fortunately, I have had success 9/10 times because it goes back to one of the first lessons: TREAT YOUR CASHIERS LIKE GOLD.

Manufacturer coupons
Walgreens accepts manufacturer coupons and they do not have a limit, unless the coupon states so. You can use 100 coupons if they let you and yes, I have done that. Of course, they have to have the product in stock. A lot of coupons nowadays have a limit on them so just make sure to check prior to purchasing.

IVC = instant value coupon
IVC aka in store coupons are another great way to save money AND you can use them with manufacturer coupons! IVC’s are at the front of the store in a booklet that you can take home with you and there is a new one every month. I LOVE this so much because you can save so much more. All you have to do is scan the booklet coupon at the register once, and it will come off on ALL of the items purchased. There is a deal going on right now on Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner (3/15/18) that I will break down:

On sale 2/$7
use one $4/2 manufacturer coupon
use $1/1 IVC
pay .50 a bottle!

Balance reward points!
My favorite part about Walgreens: points! I currently have over $200 sitting in my account that I can use whenever I want to! Makes it nice for those quick runs when I need something for my family. You receive $1 off for every 1000 points as a good base. When you get more points, you receive more money. I have a chart attached. $50 is the maximum amount of points you can use in a single transaction. There are quite a few ways you can earn points.

  1. Just shop there. You get everyday points just for shopping.
  2. There are coupons that can get you more points in the Walgreens magazine at the front of the store or you can clip it to your card on your app.
  3. The app will track your fitness and give you points.
  4. Store promotions will give you extra points for buying that particular item.
  5. Sign up for beauty enthusiast! You receive more bonuses and points when you purchase any beauty item!

I have also attached a chart that shows when/how you can spend points and receive them in the same transaction.






Walgreens does not give overage. That is their rule. I have had this go down one of two ways.
1. The coupon will not work.
2. The coupon will work but only if I have other items to purchase for overage.
The system will absolutely not let the register go negative. Keep this in mind.
What you CAN do is get something for free then receive points on top of it, which I consider a money maker!


Other ways to save

Walgreens is constantly doing 20% off entire order coupons, military day, and family and friends day. Just an extra way to boost your savings! You CAN use coupons on sale items. But, again, keep in mind that they have the right to reject you for any reason that they would like to so be nice. Here is a link to their guidelines if you would like additional information:


If you have any questions, comment below, e-mail me, or write on my Facebook group page!

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