Bjingles® Smart Baby Night Light Review

Since my name is attached to this review, I refuse to give any bias or untrue comments about this, or any, of the products. With that being said, if you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a mom to be or just looking for a fantastic night light/baby noise machine for your little one, look no further. You have stumbled across the best one, by far. As a mom of a two year old and four month old, I can honestly say that I wish someone would have purchased this for me at my baby shower.

The pros of this product outweigh the cons significantly but I will discuss them both. Let’s start with the pros…

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are genuine, truthful, and impartial.

The set up
If you are anything like me, setting anything up that has to do with technology is an absolute nightmare. Right when I received this product, I was dreading getting it started because I knew it would be a challenge for me. Well, that was not the case at all! It came with extremely simple instructions and it took me a total of maybe 3 minutes to understand how to use it. 2 minutes of that was actually downloading the app. It works through Bluetooth on your phone and you can control the music, white noise, volume, etc.

I was not expecting this product to be so small. I LOVE that! It does not take up much space on my small nightstand so I can still keep all of my junk there without it being a disturbance.

The light!
This has got to be any nursing moms’ best friend. My four month old does not sleep through the night at all so I am up every 2-3 hours to let him nurse. We co-sleep which makes it a little easier, but neither of us can see a thing so I have been using either my phone flashlight or the tap light on my nightstand. I can’t stand either of them because they are way too bright and I am just trying to breastfeed my son for a few minutes and fall right back asleep! With what I have been doing, it left us wide awake and if I stayed nursing him in the pitch dark, I would be soaked!
The Bjingles night light is PERFECT for these feedings! First of all, it taps on just like my nightlight but the colors are so subtle. There are multiple colors and brightness settings to choose from which I love as well. It is so easy on the eyes, especially when first waking up.
If you have toddlers or babies that sleep in their own room with a night light, this is fantastic to use throughout the night as well. It does not ever get hot to the touch which puts my mind at ease.


Music/white noise
Once you download the app to your phone and connect it to the device, there are 31 white noise options and 15 baby jingles. I have not ventured out to get anymore because honestly, I have not seen a need for that but I believe you are able to download more. The other really neat thing you can do is record messages! I love this because my husband is military and if he were to deploy again, his kids can still hear his voice all from the press of a button on my phone in their rooms. You can also set alarms. This will be useful for when the kids are a little older so they know when they can go out of their rooms or when they need to wake up by!

Mom to be
I am no longer pregnant, but the app does provide some pretty cool features if you are! You can upload bump pictures with cute little stickers around it. When I was pregnant, I was going to get an app to do that but I did not want to pay for it and I could not find a good free one so I would say this is a huge plus!


Luckily, there is only one con that I could even think of but I figured I would put it out there…
You have to charge the device like you would a phone. It comes with the cord but unfortunately, it does not come with the piece that connects to the outlet. I would not let that knock off a star though since everyone has a smart phone and you can easily plug it into one of those. I even have one that is in the wall automatically.


Overall, I would highly recommend this product to all of my expecting friends and those who have littles. I know I am going to purchase this for every baby shower I go to. Out of all the white noise makers I have bought and come across, this is the best one I have used. It is very soothing for everyone!

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