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My secret weapon to make my daughter behave


My daughter (Adalina) is almost 2 ½ and she is the hardest person I have ever had to deal with, as well as the person I love more than anything. Any mom with a toddler can understand this complicated emotion. She gives me a run for my money…that I don’t make as a stay at home mom.

The tantrums this little girl can throw blows my mind. It is always over something so trivial too, like if her socks are matching or if I blinked too many times. One time, I walked downstairs next to her, as I do every single morning, and she threw a two hour long tantrum because it was not my turn. Umm, what? I know.

Go ahead and tell me my daughter is spoiled and a brat for throwing a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. If you do, you clearly do not have children or you lucked out beyond belief and I hope you get your turn when they are a teenager! If you can relate, keep on keeping on. I have said this a million times on this page but this is hard! Fortunately, I learned what makes my daughter straighten out for the times I need most.

For some people, you can threaten time out, a spanking, taking toys away, etc. Well, all of that does absolutely nothing to my daughter. The tantrum will just get worse and why would I want to make a tantrum worse when I am trying to calm her down? I can’t even walk away because she still wants me. She is TWO. I am not going to treat her like an adult. I am going to treat her like the toddler she is.

For the longest time, I would ask Adalina if she needed a hug when I saw a tantrum was brewing. It worked! I was so excited that I had found something. It still works but not all of the time. I needed something that I could pull out of my back pocket for the meltdowns in the middle of Target or the ones that leave me with a migraine because they have been going on for hours.

Pink cat. This is my secret weapon and every single mom needs to find herself the equivalent of my daughters pink cat. Here is the story:
My daughter would point in her closet every morning saying there was a pink cat in there. We were kind of creeped out because when we first moved into the house, I SWEAR I saw a cat in her room on the monitor. We eventually figured out she was saying pink hat because she had a few in her closet. Oops. Adalina always talked about her pink hat at her Pepe’s (aka Grandma) house and this freaked my mother-in-law out because she thought she was saying pink cat as well!
Pink cat ended up being drawn out and my daughter now says “meow” violently when you ask her what pink cat says. It is hilarious and not dark at all.
Here is where things get funny and twisted…
We have a video monitor that we keep in her room so I can watch her to keep my mom anxiety at bay to make sure she is still breathing in the middle of the night. I also like to make sure she is sleeping when she is supposed to. If she is not sleeping, either my husband or myself will talk into the microphone and tell her to close her eyes and go “beddy night night” and it works every single time!
Well, we found out today that now my daughter thinks that voice is actually pink cat. I went to wake up my daughter from her nap since she had been sleeping for three hours already and my husband decided he would talk into the speaker as a joke since I was in there. Adalina started shaking, told me she was scared, and she needed to see her daddy immediately. BOOM. I found my bait.
About 5 minutes later she thought she would throw a tantrum. I told her that pink cat does not like when she yells. She was an angel for the rest of the day!
Now before you start assuming things, no, I am not a monster and Adalina talks about pink cat all the time like she loves him and she has a relationship with him. I think the monitor just startles her a little. She does not cry when we talk into it and she was “shaking” like a little kid does to tell someone they are scared. It is adorable and she knows it. Just thought I would throw that out there.

So now I have my secret weapon and new best friend, pink cat. He is always there for me when I accidentally look at my daughter the wrong way or give her the wrong colored fork at dinner. I hope every mom can find their pink cat and use it to their advantage too.

While everything in this post is true, please know that I wrote this with a light heart because I love my daughter more than I can describe but I am laughing hysterically while typing this. 



  • Luna S.

    It is amazing the small things kids throw fits over, my son cries over the weirdest stuff. The pink cat story is cute and I agree must have been creepy at first.

  • Roxanne

    That is a funny story – I wish something like that worked for my son! The one time I actually did say something to him through the monitor he started crying hysterically and had what I’ll call a toddler panic attack. It broke my heart!

    He’s honestly so grown up all the time that just telling him he’s being mean works for him! 😂

    • zerimama

      We didn’t do it for months because I thought it would scare her too! I’m so happy we decided to try it because it works!! She doesn’t get scared at all. She pretends like she does when she gets scared that there are fake bats on Halloween 😂

  • tachira wiltshire

    My daughter is two I so can relate. This also made me smile. She does not listen very well but at two years old do they ever? I love the pink cat story. They do throw tantrums for some reasons that blow my mind. Motherhood is surely a fun but tough job.

  • Jenna

    Oh my word! This is so relatable!! I so need a pink cat in my house. Or in my car. I find our car drives the worst. The kids fight over who can look out which window the whole drive allllll the time. They are 2 and 3!!!!!! Will it ever end?

  • Dani

    This made me laugh out loud. I totally feel you here, my daughter was the worst for tantrums. It seemed the more you tried to calm her down the worse it got! She’s 4 now and literally an angel, so hang in there!

  • Karla

    This is funny and totally relatable, I can’t even imagine how I handle my daughters tantrums when she was 2 years old, she’s six year old now. Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂

  • Chandra

    What a sweet story! This made me laugh! Sometimes we just have to do whatever it takes to calm our kids down, even if it seems so off the wall that it doesn’t make any sense to anyone else. Loved it! Thanks so much!

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